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BISSER, standing for Beijing International Students SERvice, is a service provider especially to international students living in Beijing and entire China.Untitled-1

BISSER main service is to help foreign students in China who are about to write a university thesis closing their academic record.

BISSER provide all the materials you may need to write a successful thesis in China.

As a foreign student, there are lot of misunderstanding between you and your Chinese supervisor.  This is due to culture background and academic system differences. Things here are not exactly the way you may expect to be. And this can lead to lot of frustration both for you and your supervisor.

BISSER is a group of Chinese students who has studied abroad, USA, Canada, and France etc. These Chinese students have a chance to try both the Chinese and the foreign education system. They are the only ones to understand foreign students’ problems and struggle in china, and they are ready to offer their help to who may need. Just email us and we take care of your problem.




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